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Conditions We Treat

Anxiety: We provide personalized treatment plans integrating medication and therapeutic techniques to empower individuals in overcoming anxiety and reclaiming a sense of calm and balance.

Depression: Offering a compassionate and comprehensive approach, we guide individuals through a combination of medication management and psychotherapy, fostering resilience and facilitating the journey towards emotional well-being.

Bipolar Disorder: Specializing in bipolar disorder, we emphasize a tailored approach with mood stabilizers, psychoeducation, and therapeutic support, ensuring individuals can effectively manage their condition and lead fulfilling lives.

ADHD: With expertise in ADHD, we design individualized strategies using medication and behavioral interventions, empowering individuals to enhance focus, organization, and overall quality of life.

Disruptive Behavioral Disorders: Through comprehensive assessments and collaborative strategies, we work with families and individuals to address disruptive behavioral disorders, implementing targeted interventions to foster positive behavior and improve overall functioning.

OCD: Combining medication and evidence-based psychotherapy, we support individuals in overcoming the challenges of OCD, fostering resilience and providing tools to manage intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors.

PTSD: Through a combination of medication management and development of effective coping strategies, we support clients in finding recovery from traumatic events. We work collaboratively with individual therapists to ensure a holistic approach to symptom management and overall well-being.

Personality Disorders: With thorough assessments, education, emotional support, and medication management we help our clients address a variety of behavioral and emotional symptoms to re-achieve stability, create healthy relationships with others, and develop new behaviors in response to emotional triggers.

Insomnia: When treating insomnia, we begin with a thorough assessment of underlying causes and work collaboratively to improve sleep hygiene, develop relaxation techniques, and prescribe medications for short-term relief. With regular follow ups, we monitor for progress and adjust treatment to allow clients to feel rested and refreshed upon starting their day.

You matter

Catering to the diverse needs of mental health, our practice is dedicated to offering comprehensive and compassionate services aimed at promoting holistic well-being.

Our services include:

Diagnostic Assessments: Thorough evaluations to understand individual needs of each of our clients.

Medication Management: Tailored prescriptions and monitoring for effective treatment of symptoms.

Brief Supportive Therapy: Guidance, support, and mindfulness techniques to help navigate difficulties or hurdles in your mental health journey.

Collaborative Care: Working in tandem with other healthcare providers for comprehensive treatment.

Telepsychiatry Services: Remote consultations to ensure accessible care.

In-Person Appointments: Personalized, face-to-face consultations that can foster a deeper connection between client and provider.

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